The Business Referral Network of Orlando is a business networking group that helps each of its members succeed by providing qualified sales leads at weekly meetings.

We enjoy our time together while accomplishing our main purpose of helping each business increase sales leads and opportunities through leads generation.

Our Orlando Sponsor
This month's sponsor is StrategyBeam, who is sponsoring our group this month! Thanks Chris & Ayasha for sponsoring us this month, and learn more about their amazing copywriting services!

Form New Business Relationships
Upholding the specific goals of business networking is very important to us. Our goal is to help each of our business members form new business relationships in order to increase their sales and revenue. Sales leads obtained through referrals are both highly effective and affordable.

According to the Austin Business Journal, 60% of sales leads will close when accompanied with a referral name. That number jumps to 90% if the appointment is set by the referring person. In comparison, cold calling has an accepted close ratio of 1%.

Over 10 Years of Business Leads
For over 10 years the Business Referral Network of Orlando (BRN) has remained committed to providing qualified sales leads to its members. Each week members either provide leads to other members or a testimonial of services provided by another member.

During the week, members are alert to the opportunities they encounter that could benefit another member in the group. It's amazing how often you will come across opportunities for referrals when you are attentive to the possibilities.



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